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Now that it is safe to post about this quilt, I thought I would share some of what goes into custom quilting. Michelle had a friend drop off this quilt so we had to do a lot of back and forth consulting via email. I took a picture of the top and used my “YOU DOODLE” app to draw different ideas. I went online to see what other quiters posted about this quilt and there is not much out there, probably because it is a very time consuming quilt to make and many quilters have not finished it yet. I imagine many of the individual blocks are now cushions.

Michelle sent me a few pics for quilting ideas, one had the double octogon lines. I went with this idea and used them to seperate the different fills. Here are a few of the ideas that I drew up.

It is hard to believe but these octogon lines and the stitch in the ditch took almost as much time as the fills. In order to have the lines in one continuous stretch I had to roll the machine every 12-18 inches.

If you look closely at the individual pictures you will see all the stitch in the ditch and all the colour changes in each block. There was no place to travel so I had many stops and starts. Here is a picture of all the threads used, but really I should have a picture of all the thread on the floor after a few hours of quilting.

If you are interested this quilt was designed by Berene of Happy Sew Lucky and became even more popular when Tula Pink made it using her fabric line.

This quilt was a challenge in every way, I did learn that as much as I loved filling in all the solid background (it is meditative), I am more of a traditional piecer… LOL

If you have a quilt that needs this type of background fill please contact me, I find it enjoyable.

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