Scrap Sewciety BOM


Those of you who know me and have heard my presentation or attended a workshop with me know that I love scrappy quilts. This is an invitation for your guild to join me in my latest scrappy adventure.

Scrappy quilts are in vogue again, thanks to many designers like Jen Kingwell, Kim McLean, Sarah Fielke, etc. I have always loved and made scrappy quilts, and had already designed one that was perfect for a Block of the Month program.

I set about making this quilt again, this time keeping notes each step of the way. I sat down and wrote out the instructions, and offered it to my home guild to test the pattern instructions. I had a range of quilters sign up: from beginners to very accomplished quilters, and the results were impressive. I am now ready to offer this Block of the Month (BOM) program to your guild. One of the many things participants loved about this program was that it can be made from the stash you already have.   

I love this quilt even more in colour. I had a lot of fun going thru my stash to come up with different fabric combinations for each block.  Probably only 10% of the fabrics are modern and yet the quilt looks fresh and up to date.

This is a 6 month program that works! 

I provide detailed instructions and include two short zoom talks; the first is a slideshow to introduce the program. The second zoom talk will be scheduled a few months into the project to give guidance, answer questions and share progress to date with the participants. 

Your guild will need to provide one experienced quilter who will run the program for your guild. I will send the entire set of instructions and that person will be responsible for working ahead of your group. This co-ordinator will send the instructions to each participant on a monthly basis, answer questions and follow up with me if they encounter an issue they cannot resolve.

Please contact me at for further details and pricing.  I am looking forward to working with your guild on this scrappy adventure.

Thanks Sandy