I thought I would find lots of time!

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I am out west visiting my grandkids and thought I would find some time for blogging and my instagram account, haha. Three kids under four years of age is exhausting, but so much fun. I see huge changes in the 6 months since I saw them last.

I thought I would share a bit of colour to finish the month of February. You have seen a few different variations of this first quilt over the years since we brought Kathy Doughty to Quilts at the Creek. Kelly had her mom visit during covid and they made this quilt together. This pattern and workshop forces you to analyze your stash. I love the variety of backgrounds on this quilt. You might say I have stash envy!

This was quilted with an edge to edge design which shows so well because of the Dream Wool Batting.

This next quilt is also the result of a Kathy Doughty workshop that was held at Quilting by the Lake. Michelle must have had a lot of fun mixing the prints. If you look closely you can see some fuzzy cutting on the “X” of some of the blocks.

This quilt was quilted with an edge to edge pattern called Diagonal Plaid. Talent runs in Michelle’s family, her daughter made this painting with Michelle sewing and the quilt up on her design wall.

Gayle brought this quilt to me, all solids. This is sure to bring some cheer into someones life. It is quilted with a wavy edge to edge Pantograph. I used a neutral taupe bottom line thread to blend it into all the colours.

That’s it for February! It will be great to see spring around the corner with the world opening up!


  1. Hi Sandy,
    These are beautiful quilts, hope you have a wonderful time with your “grands”! We are enjoying our three, we only wish we had more energy, take care, Linda

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  2. Hi What a great collection of quilts with such wonderful colour , and I love all the quilting styles


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