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If you have followed my blog for any length of time, there are a few names that pop up often. What better time than now at the beginning of a new year to show a few of the quilts made by some of these quilters. We met many years ago thru a quilt shop called Cock-a-doodle Quilts, and even thru covid times we have been able to meet for a lunch, or a majong game or just a cup of tea at quilt drop off.

Kathy came to see me just before Christmas with many quilt tops. Kathy loves to go on quilting weekends which is the reason that she is so prolific. This one is made from the Tilda fabric line and my picture doesn’t do it justice.

Here is a close-up of the quilting and one of the beautiful prints.

This next quilt reminds me of sherbet ice-cream, I must work too close to the kitchen! The colours are much better in the closeup. Kathy’s quilts often leave my house without a picture, she is always game to try new techniques and patterns for piecing, I must make a point of sharing her quilts more often.

Leanne has gone to a totally modern fabric palette since we met back in the “doodle” days. In the past year Leanne has made many baby quilts, finally this one is for her. This quilt barely fit on my machine, we choose to quilt it in the diagonal plaid pattern, which is fast becoming one of my new favourites.

Here is a closeups of the block, and a picture of the back. I am so happy to see Leanne use up some of her leftovers to piece her back, it fits in nicely with my “use it up” philosophy.

Gillian is also a part of the “doodle” group, I wrote about her in my last post. She worked long and hard on this particular quilt. The first time she brought the quilt to me, half of the blocks were a 1/4″ bigger than the rest. You can imagine that it definitely did NOT lie flat!! We will put it down to a very busy life! We problem solved after I discovered the “Trimming” issue and off she went. I expected to get 2 lap quilts back from her. Lo and behold almost a year later Gillian came back with this beauty.

She took ALL the blocks apart and and re-trimmed them. I am so thrilled that she persevered, I think the entire “doodle” group would agree that this quilt is a true “Gillian” She is a scrap saver and quilter who “makes do”. Here is a picture of the back, where she had do do a little piecing to make it big enough. I am so happy that is is going to use this one for herself.

Last of all, a close up of the quilting.

I love being a part of this Quilty friendship that has lasted many years and getting to share a little in the happenings of life with these wonderful ladies.


  1. I am so happy that I met such a great group of creative and fun loving women at Cock a doodle and continue to meet more through our love of quilting.
    Thank you Sandy for doing such a great job of putting the “icing on the quilt.”

    Love all these ❤️


  2. Your custom quilting on Gillian’s quilt is magnificent! No wonder you have a large loyal group of friends who are lucky to have you quilt for them!


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