YH Quilt Show.

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The following slide show contains quilts that I blogged about in the past, I downloaded  the pictures from the York Heritage Quilt Show .  I see a few more that I may have quilted but I am not sure so I apologize if I missed any.  I see a new quilt almost every day and it is difficult to keep track.  I am thrilled that everyone loved their quilts well enough to hang them in a show.  I forget (sorry) who made the featured image for this post but being a hockey playing nation I thought it should get some extra recognition.  This was made as a gift for a grandson (lucky guy).

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I received an email from someone that attended the show, it really raised my spirits.

Hi Sandy
My friend Janet and I went to the quilt show today and we think that you are a ***Superstar***  Your name was on so many quilts as quilter — maybe 50% or more.  You transformed what would have been very ordinary quilts into magnificent ones!!  Way to go!!

Thank you for that kind note Joanne!
I appreciate the trust that my customers and friends put in me to help bring their quilts to completion.  I am thrilled that two of the quilts I quilted also won viewers choice at the show.  It is a real honour to play a part in the finishing of these quilts.   If you like what you saw please do not hesitate to contact me or pass my name on to a fellow quilter.


  1. thanks for sharing this. we unfortunately had to miss the show so this display was a welcome surprise and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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