Memory Quilts

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I have two very interesting memory quilts to share. I am sure that I have posted some memory quilts over the years. For those that do not know, a memory quilt is made from the clothes of a deceased loved one. This would typically be men’s shirts as women are usually the ones doing the piecing and quilting. Seriously, who would want to make a quilt out of my clothes?

Janis made this quilt for a friend whose husband had passed. I love the way she brightened up the typical “Bay Street” business look by adding colourful connector corners that form a secondary star design. If you look closely you will see several labels.

I love the way this quilt doesn’t immediately remind you of mens shirts. The little connector corners are a great way to use up your tiny bits of stash. Here is a closeup.

Gail brought me a quilt that she had ben working on for a long time. It was made improve style – a block or so a day. She also added a lot of quilting cottons to the mix, making it less of a typical memory quilt. Gail requested I send her a picture which I did and she immediately replied with an “OH NO”, you’ve got it upside-down. It is so busy -How could I tell? Only the maker would know it is upside-down as she has so much time invested. As I am writing this I found the pocket that that proves the quilt is truly upside-down. Can you find it?

If you are making a memory quilt please take the buttons off, or for that fact any embellishment that could break a needle or set the timing off on a sewing machine. I worked around the buttons this time with a lot of stop and starts. If you have a quilt that is directional make sure you let your long armer know.

Happy quilting everyone!


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