Some Cute Baby Quilts

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After you see these quilts, you will wish there was a baby in your life so you have an excuse to make one. It is not often that I get quilt envy, but I have had some really great quilts recently that have made me wish I had more time to piece. Both of these quilts were made by relatively new quilters which makes them doubly impressive. Maria made this for a grand nephew ( I think). It is called Giraffes in a Row.

Here is a close-up, I just love those adorable faces!

Doris made this construction quilt for her grandson, it is so cute for going into a Big Boy Bed. I will definately be sending a pic of this to my kids to see if my grandson is already too big. It is called Construction Vehicles by Counted Quilts. Doris is busy making a pillow out of one of the blocks, what a great gift!

Can’t you just see some little guy driving his Tonks toys in the sandbox?

I have a few more quilts to share next week when I have a bit more time.

I love helping you finish your quilts, it is great to be a small part of your quilty live!


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