Quilt Shows are back!

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Finally quilt guilds are meeting in person and having quilt shows. I missed a great show last weekend. Lucky for me a friend sent some pictures from the Simcoe County Quilt Show. Pre-pandemic I taught a String Snowball workshop for the Simcoe Quilt Guild, so naturally I am thrilled to share these pictures with you. Adriana dipped into her blue stash to make this beauty, you can read about it in her notes below. Adriana had hers quilted in an edge to edge design. She is correct about the edges of the snowball being on bias which can easily present a stretching problem. When sewing bias seams you have to be very careful to not pull on your fabric as it is feeding thru the machine.

I also received pictures of this quilt made by Elaine. I love the richness of her rust and brown snowballs. This quilt was beautifully custom quilted in a way that enhances the circles. I love the way that the quilter took the quilted circles into the border. The quilting adds another dimension to this quilt design.

I believe it was the first time I taught that pattern. I learned a tough and embarassing lesson in that workshop, it was to make sure to print at 100%. In the middle of the workshop we discovered that the printed pattern was a different size than the acrylic templates.. OOPPS! All was selvaged as you can see.

I was cleaning up emails and I found a picture of snowball quilt resulting from a workshop in the Grimsby Guild. The note that came with it says it all…… I ❤️ My Snowball Quilt. Thank you Sandy.

I love to get pictures of quilts that result from a worksop with me. I feel like I am contributing a small part in the making of some very beautiful quilts and all those scrap busting efforts.

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