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I was busy cleaning up emails and found a few with pictures of quilts that are the result of workshops I taught. The quilters in Grimsby were very enthusiastic about stash quilts and hosted me a few times. This first picture was sent last week, sometimes these large quilts take a long time to complete. Pre- covid I taught a number of String Snowball workshops. I am not sure of the makers’ name but I love how rich this one looks.

The maker of this next quilt dug into a black/white stash, I love the addition of a few pops of red!

Janis from the Etobicoke Guild shared these photos of her blocks in different settings. Same four blocks just shuffled around for a different look.

Alicia admired some of my String Snowball variations when dropping off other quilts for me to longarm. She bought a pattern and set of acrylic templates from me and in no time at all came back with her own very scrappy version. Who said there were rules for colour placement! This is such a cheerful quilt.

I have been busy quilting another version of this great block and will share the finished quilt with you as soon as it is bound. Here it is on the design wall, as usual I am trying modernize my old stash and will continue to encourage you to do the same. There are great quilts waiting to be made from your stash.

In all fairness I confess to raiding the stash of two quilting friends to get the perfect solids to match my string piecing. More to come soon…….

Hoping to see you at my studio so I can help you finish your quilt! If you have finished a quilt from one of my workshops please share it, eventually I will blog about it!

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