Challenges and Y Seams

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Over the years I organized a number of block exchanges. This one in particular didn’t inspire the production of amazing quilts, in fact I cannot remember what the other participants made. During covid I said to my friend Helgard “we better get working on using those blocks”, mine had been sitting in a box for years. The name of block was a Square in a Square, in bright batik fabrics. Here are some of the blocks on my design wall sorted by background colour.

I gave Helgard a great suggestion as to what she could make and even gave her a pattern that I thought would work with a little altering. A year later the great idea that I had for my blocks is back in the box only slightly further ahead, actually no further ahead as I need to take a seam ripper to them.

Here it is on the design wall – basically a Jacks Chain Quilt made by substituting nine patches with the square in a square block. It has stalled because the thought of sewing hundreds and hundreds of “Y” seams has me asking “WHY”. Why didn’t I think about this before I stitched all the rings. Each ring will need 18 starts and 18 stops and each of those needs a back and forth stitching to lock it in place. I love speed piecing not this finicky type of stitching. I have since seen a Jacks Chain Quilt designed without “Y” seams….. now where did I put my seam ripper?

I just finished quilting Helgard’s quilt with a good old fashioned Baptist fan pattern. It is so beautiful, my picture doesn’t do it justice.

It is a take off on a pattern called A checkered Past designed by Sherri of Border Creek Station. Helgard increased the size of the quilt and wrestled with math on the borders, but the overall result is stunning. Considering the square in a square blocks are contributions from 9 other quilters she did an amazing job pulling it all together.

This quilt has me thinking WHY didn’t I keep this idea for myself?


  1. Lovely. Mine is on a design wall but far from assembled. This should provide some incentive to get to work on it, Thanks


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