Embarrassed to be Canadian!

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Yes you read that right! I watched a show on TV last week about Canada sending its plastic waste to third world countries for them to deal with. I was horrified and embarrassed to know how our politicians are dealing with it…. basically not! How can I as a quilter be more environmentally friendly?

I am passionate about using my old stash and hopefully modernizing it to make it more appealing. I am trying not to impulse buy; we all have too much stash! This leads to how you can help. On my work order/ invoice there is a small box to click; it says “I would like to donate my batting strips that are less than 10” please click that box. I in turn donate the batting strips to Carmen a fellow guild member who makes many contributions to the Community Quilt Program. Carmen makes a lot of quilts in the “Quilt as You Go” method. This is what Carmen does with the batting leftovers, she accepts strips as narrow as 3″ wide.

Here are a few of the resulting quilts that were made by Carmen. These will all be donated to various agencies/shelters in Toronto. I am sure that her quilts have warmed many hearts over the years. The blocks in this quilt are 18″ square and still need to be assembled into a queen size quilt.

Sometimes Carmen assembles your long batting strips into a braided design.

Her latest project has been donated to a Ukrainian refugee family.

For years I have been donating my (and other quilters) leftover bits to schools for art programs. I am doubling down on making sure even the smaller bits of fabric go to a dog bed program. I now keep a small paper bag nearby and put the tiny bits in it. I surprised myself to fill it 2 times in as many weeks. Please join me in helping to control our waste. Every bit helps!

I love helping you finish your quilts and am always available for advice to help you with your bring your projects to the finished stage.


  1. Bravo Sandy! Indeed many “small actions” make a big impact. Up-cycle, recycle, repurpose and reuse! 🥰 Beautiful scrappy “throwaways” incidentally Kath D

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  2. Well done, Sandy. I, too, do my best to control waste. It’s a nice challenge to try assemble something useable and attractive from leftovers.


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