There is no excuse!

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I have no excuse to not be writing blog posts and catching up. I am taking a break from long arm quilting due to my recent carpal tunnel surgery and should be filling some of my time sharing great quilts with you. I have a lot of beautiful quilts to share. Within a week I could type and gently push fabric thru my machine for a couple of quilts I am making as surprise gifts, so seriously no more excuses!

Let me share a beautiful quilt made by Lucy. Her name has appeared on my blog a few times as a Jen Kingwell fan. One day Lucy brings me an amazing quilt in spectacular colour. This quilt is a design by Anna Marie Horner. I love the big chunky “flowers” in the border. The funny thing about this is when Lucy and I were going over the quilting designs we discovered one of those big flowers was stitched in upside-down, with the hot colours in the outside of the quilt. Opps…..that happens to the best of us, I am thankful we caught it before it was loaded and half quilted.

Here is a close up of the centre. Anna Marie designs quilts that really work with her large print fabrics, the butterfly print was fuzzy cut to make the first border of this medallion quilt.

The large chunky flowers are pieced in a kaleidoscope style with some more fuzzy cutting. In order to avoid all the bulk of the seams in the centre an other fuzzy cut circle motif is appliquéd on top.

If you love the look of this quilt you will want to join QuiltTalk on Nov 17 when Anna Maria Horner will be speaking about how she effortlessly combines vintage inspiration with a modern colour palette to design fabric and quilts like this.

Anna Marie is the last speaker presented by QuiltTalk for 2021, if you haven’t joined us yet, you have been missing out on some great speakers. She and Kathy Doughty; our last speaker collaborate on some projects they both encourage quilters to be bold. Be Bold and join us!

I love everything about quilting, I hope to see you soon.

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