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I couldn’t sleep last night after an amazing talk given by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsessions in Australia, my brain was in overdrive while I added more quilts and quilting techniques to my quilting bucket list. I pulled out all my books written by Kathy and stayed up into the wee hours. Kathy is a wealth of information and know how, she gives credit to all the “quilting sisters” who inspired her along the way. It was fun to listen to her stories of becoming a bold quilter amongst the quilt police.

Next week QuiltTalk is hosting Kathy for a followup workshop, there are a few spots left. I am anxious to learn about her approach to appliqué, and hopefully come away being more comfortable with my fabric choices.

I went back into my pictures and found another quilt made by Michele in a workshop with Kathy. It is basically the same quilt that is on the cover of Kathy’s latest book. This quilt was too big for my wall, I don’t have a picture of the entire quilt. It is a blown up courthouse step block.

I did some very light quilting mostly stitch in the ditch because Michelle’s plan was to add lots of big stitch quilting. Here are a few closeups, I love the selection of black/white prints.

In Kathys workshop you learn to work with and audition your prints for various design elements, in this example using circles for flowers, all sorts of prints for leaves ranging from lime to forest green. Did you see the interesting background and the dotty stem? Some of the quilts Kathy showed us last night had plaids or a bold gingham for the background fabric , until you see it done you might never think of doing it yourself.

If you want to be encouraged to get out of your comfort zone and bring your quilts to a new level, one that draws the viewer at a quilt show just a little bit closer to get another look, then grab one of the last few spots in this workshop. I am going to get ready to look at my fabric in a whole new way, and I am feeling a trip to the fabric store.


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