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It is about time I shared this beautiful art quilt with you and it is safe to do so because I have seen in on facebook a few times.  Paula made this quilt for a friend, I believe it is a picture of the friend’s son.  Paula took a workshop with Sue Carlson  a number of years ago and has made some stunning art quilts as a result of this workshop. 

 I am always nervous when quilting art quilts or even panels for that matter.  I lack confidence with putting in contour lines into a picture,  something an artist seems to know how to do naturally. Paula was a great help in this regard, she supplied me with the original photo and her working line drawings and a picture of her work in progress.

I suggested she download an app called “You Doodle”,  I have written about this app in previous posts.  Paula drew all the quilting lines in her picture and the amazing thing is that she did it on an iPhone screen with her finger.  This was so helpful to me, a lot of the lines are common sense but  seeing the contour lines on the skin gave me the confidence I needed.  When I am working on my machine my nose is literally inches away, I am too close to see the whole picture.

I used about 20 different colours of thread in this project. I love the texture that Paula was able to put into the hair. This type of artwork is on my bucket list. We also decided to change the quilting in the background from the original drawings. Here is a closeup of the face.

Paula would not be doing this type of art quilts had she not taken a workshop with Sue Carlson. I am sharing this quilt with you for several reasons, one that I am sure you will love it and the other, we should be open to exploring different quilting mediums.

This brings me to QuiltTalk , every time we have a speaker, Val and I look at each other and say, “This was the best one yet”. If you missed last week you missed an amazing talk with Luke Haynes. Luke comes to quilting with an entirely different view, he comes to quilting from art and architecture. Please check out his website.

We have Kathy Doughty from Material Obsessions in Australia signed up for a trunk show and workshop. I know she will be amazing because we brought her in for Quilts at the Creek many years ago. Kathy rarely gets to Canada so don’t miss this one, you can sign up for her at QuiltTalk .

Cheers — I love quilting your quilts and I love seeing your face on the QuiltTalk zoom screen, it is so great to share this passion.

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