A Quick Show and Share!

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This past week I started sending emails to guilds that have contracted me in the past for trunk shows or workshops. I am starting to promote my first BOM, as it has passed the testing phase in my home guild. I love to encourage friends to promote their projects, but I procrastinate when it comes to my own projects. You can find pictures of the resulting quilts in the few previous blog posts, here, here and here. Here is a quick picture of my quilt.

If you are a member of a guild and feel your guild might be interested in getting involved in this scrappy adventure, the details can be found in the menu above. My ultimate goal would be to have a mega ZOOM show and share a year from now that involves all the guilds that participate. Wouldn’t that be a great finale!

Back to my “Quick Show and Share”! I contacted Jean, a lovely quilter that I met close to London ON, to invite her guild to participate. She was happy to hear from me and promised to send the info about my BOM to the guild executive. She told me that small note with my email address had been sitting beside her computer for several years. She had been meaning to contact me to share a picture of the quilt she had made with my Tumbling Log pattern and this was just the occasion to do so.

Personally I think she did an amazing job with this quilt and the colour selections. I know the picture is not that clear, it looks to be made of batiks. I believe with all the gradients Jean must have an amazing stash. She used one fabric for the borders, rather than all dark blocks like the original. I really love it when I get to see the quilts that result from one of my patterns or workshops!

This is a picture of my original quilt.

If you have pictures of a quilt that is the result of a pattern or workshop with me, please share, I would love to blog about it.

Thank you for reading! Sandy


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