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All my good intentions of blogging more often seem to have flown out of the window again, so you may ask what have I been up to? You might think I have started some hot new romance….. hardly likely, but I haven’t given up hope. Thanks to some good weather I have spent many hours on the Pickleball court, it is keeping me sane (almost). This weekend I delved into my donated fabric stash (thanks to quilty friends) and made almost 50 masks. They need elastic, I am hoping to find a volunteer for that job.

Last fall I was roped into doing a project for the Etobicoke Quilt Guild. I was out west at the time and thought I would offer something easy and something I wouldn’t have to do much work, little did I know. This is where it all began. Many years ago I organized a block exchange amongst 10 women (myself included). This was the resulting quilt. After being offered as a machine piecing class, this quilt became a popular BOM for sew Sisters Quilt shop.

Here is the personalized label that listed all the participants of the original exchange.

Now let’s skip ahead a few years to my admiration for Jen Kingwell, an Australian quilt maker. I made her Delilah quilt a few years ago and loved it so much that I put all the scraps into a separate basket because I thought the neutral quilt would look great in colour. I have blogged about this before, here is that quilt.

Now back to the Etobicoke Quilt Guild, I named this undertaking Scrap Society BOM, to my surprise we had over 30 quilters sign up. The idea was that everyone was encouraged to use their stash, especially since our shopping habits have been forced to change this past year. My quilt was made from stash – even the back. I was challenged to keep ahead of the group and rewrite my instructions on the computer, my previous versions were cut and paste, slowly I advance my computer skills.

I have been on a mission to use my stash for many reasons, #1 we all have it and paid for it, #2 we live in a society that has too much stuff and #3 it is good to stretch your creativity and use what you have. We know what will happen to it when we pass, nobody will appreciate it as much as the owner, many of our fabric purchases hold fond memories.

It was fun to mix vintage fabrics with more modern fabrics thru out the quilt. I used prints for all my backgrounds, which added to the overall scrappiness.

Participants were encouraged to arrange the blocks into secondary patterns.

I had a lot of fun arranging all the blocks on the wall, trying to balance the colours thru out. I used bits of leftovers and other fabrics to make the back. I roughly work out my pieced backs on graph paper, starting with the finished size and the biggest pieces of fabric, in this case the pink a garage sale find from my mom, now you know what I mean when I say some fabrics have memories. I blew up a the blocks from a “crazy eight” pattern for the interior of the back and used lots of vintage fabrics.

I hope you enjoyed my long winded story and if you belong to a guild and are looking for a project for your guild, please feel free to contact me.

If you love scrap quilts as much as me you will want to buy tickets to this event put on . QuiltTalk is a new venture started by Val and myself. Please check it out, there are still a few tickets left.

There are also a few tickets available to this event next week. It should be very interesting to hear how MJ Kinman came up with these great art quilts.


  1. As a grateful recipient of your most recent efforts at Etobicoke Quiltersโ€™ Guild: thank you, thank you, thank you! Iโ€™ve loved this pattern ever since I saw it up on the wall at Sew Sisters, so I was so delighted to get a chance to finally make it! Iโ€™m doing it in scrappy neutrals this time, but I really love your colourful one, so I guess that will be the next one… ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™„


  2. Hi, This is the heart pattern you used. A smaller one may be better on the smaller quilt. Whatever you think is good. Thanks so much for doing this. Karen Sent from my iPad



  3. Sandy, this scrappy BoM project has been incredible. Throughout this process, I have learned many new techniques and always appreciated your guidance, and patience, every step of the way. Many of us at EQG would like to THANK YOU for the joy this project has brought us and to let you know that we will genuinely miss our monthly emails.

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  4. Love your reasons for using scraps! Looking forward to making my own Subtle Values quilt. I have always wanted to do a quilt in neutrals, my stash is calling.

    Liked by 1 person

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