Exciting News!!

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My friend Valerie contacted me a little over a week ago and asked what do you think of this idea?  She is the brains behind our new venture and I am so excited to share this journey with you.

Exciting news!

Do you live in southern Ontario, and love everything Quilty? Hungry for more quilt talks? Now that we have discovered this new way to meet our favourite quilter instructors, we want MORE! QuiltTalk aims to bring them directly to you.. more ZOOM talks, more often! Early bird login for local quilters.

QuiltTalk will bring you a diverse selection of leaders and innovators in the quilting community. We’ll cover every topic imaginable, as long as it is quilt related. Working with scraps, fabric design, special techniques….. you name it, we will host it.

We are still in the process of signing up speakers.. but here is what we have for you so far!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe:  Creativity and Play Wednesday February 17 2021 7:30 pm EST

Victoria has a large following, and no wonder! Vibrant, bold, colourful, unique quilts are her signature. She is an international award winning artist & quilter.  She teaches, and lectures on Creativity and Process, is a fabric designer, Author, and a shop owner that sells her own products. Her quilts have traveled all over the globe, including Japan, Australia, and in museums such as  International Quilt Study Center, Visions Art Center, Connecticut Museum of American Art, San Jose Quilt Museum, The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts and the International Quilt Festival Houston. Victoria’s work balances between art quilts, traditional & modern quilting styles, and reflects her passion for bringing the fine art of quilting to the modern age. She is proud to be a quilter, a mother to Beatrice, and a wife to Michael Findlay, the true loves in Victoria’s life.  Check out her fabrics, her patterns, her books, and her workshops on her website and Instagram @victoriafindlaywolfe ! Love them all!!

See more of Victoria’s work here… or her website

Registration is now open online.. www.quiltTalk.ca/schedule

Our second presenter is David Owen Hastings. scheduled for March 3, 2021 7:30pm EST.

David is a quilter, graphic designer, and print and textile artist living in Seattle. He creates contemporary art and modern minimal quilt and textile designs. Check him out at https://www.DavidOwenHastings.com. His presentation is titled Minimal Design, Maximum Impact.  Be prepared to be inspired.
You can now register for David’ s lecture:   www.quiltTalk.ca/schedule

What’s next? We will be announcing our next series of presenters once all the contracts are signed, so keep your eyes open for emails from QuiltTalk.ca!


On a personal note I hope this year finds everyone healthy and well!


  1. Hi Sandy,

    Hope you are well. So happy to get your email with your new project Quilt Talk. I have signed up for the first Zoom talk. Can’t wait.

    We have been staying home at the cottage for the last few weeks. It’s beautiful up north with lots of snow and my sewing machine is there. I am still struggling with ordering fabric online. It is never the colour or feel that I want. So I must start buying bundles to get colours that go together.

    I had not embraced the zoom world as yet but it is time. I miss everyone.

    I am sure you miss your Pickleball too. Are you able to see any of your kids?

    Thinking of you and wanted to say hello.

    Take care Leanne 🤗

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Looking forward to an exciting year with you Sandy and al the other experts you have lined up . Good to be involved.


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