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I had great plans to share another Sue Spargo Block of the Month  within a few days of my last post and now it has been a month and a few days.  It means that I have been living it up while  I can, and by living it up I mean tons of pickle ball playing. I am having as much fun as I can, if things shut down again in fall I want lots of happy memories.

This quilt was made by June, another Sue Spargo fan. I have completed a number of these wool applique wall quilts for June.

The only difference between this quilt and the one in the last post is that I tried to make the background fills smaller and tighter.  I am a fast quilter which make it a difficult thing for me to do.  I have since tightened the wheels on my machine which has helped me get a better control of my quilting.  It used to feel like my machine had a sway to it, if you can imagine a truck taking the ramp to the highway too quickly and leaning over on two wheels.  A few hours of matenience has solved the problem for me. Here are some pictures of the fill in the border.


Check out the intricate details in the house blocks.

Last but not least is the tree of life in the middle of the wall quilt.  When I come a cross a leaf with no detail I wonder is it a weary embroiderer or a little surprise by the designer.

I only wish that Sue would be a little more generous to her following and give a 1/2″ seam allowance to her squares, it is my thoughts that it would lie a little flatter and the foot of my machine would be less likely to push the seam as I try to quilt close to them.

It is a pleasure to be trusted with these treasures, and as always I hope to add to their beauty.


  1. Your perfect work with June’s exquisite stitches make for a true artistic team. Well done, both of you. Happy Summer!


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