A Colourful Start to the Year

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It has been a wonderful start to the New Year. The quilts are coming and going  at a rapid pace and I am seeing a lot of bright colours. Vanessa brought me this quilt in December, I love the way it brightened my studio.  I really enjoy getting quilts from the younger generation, I feel good when I meet a young “maker”.

Vanessa did something else I admire, she made a “2for”.  She used up the leftovers on the back getting 2 quilts for the price of one.  We used an everlasting loop pantograph.

Before she left for the winter, Pat left a few quilts for me to work on.

This quilt was too large to hang on my living room wall.

Kathy really deserves a private post, she brought me so many wonderful, colourful quilts. She has definitely gone thru “the fabric change of life”. Kathy is a big fan of quilting retreats, where she gets a lot of stitching done. This is not a great picture, but don’t you just love the way the blocks interlock with each other.

Kathy made this off-centre log cabin  with “dotty” fabric, Tula Pink I think.  I would love to explore different layout for this block.  Do you see a pinwheel or a pacman?  We quilted a swirly design with a slight gold metallic thread.

Carrying on with a “dotty” theme, I think I got this quilt in December.  Kathy has been having fun with Kaffe.

Thats all for now I have a plane to catch.  I am off for  pickleball bootcamp in Florida for a few days.

Thank you for trusting me with your quilts, I love helping you get it done.



  1. Where would I get these patterns from? I like the third one with the tulips Thank you Lenora Kirkup

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    1. Hi Lenora
      I am not sure of the pattern — I think Pat got this as a “craftsy” or a Blueprint kit, I will try to remember to ask her when she gets back rom Florida.


  2. I love the quilt that looks like a bunch of picture frames on top of one another. The frames have a diamond square inside of each of them. Do you know the name of the pattern and where I could get it? It is just fabulous!!! Really enjoyed looking at it. Thank you, Linda

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