String Snowball Workshop Results

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I am getting ready for upcoming workshops in fall and there have been a lot of questions about choosing fabric for the String Snowball Quilt.  It is a scrap buster quilt therefore your results will depend on the scraps you have available to you.  The featured image was the result of my first String Snowball workshop held at Thimbles and Things in Orillia.  This participant finished her little table topper using her Christmas fabric stash and purchasing the beautiful background print in the shop.

If you look closely at the quilt below you will see that  Helgard used a large variety of fabrics in this grouping of the 4 blocks.  I love to see a large variety of fabrics.

The following pictures are of  blocks made in different workshops I have taught.  Each combination is as unique as the quilter and her stash.

I will start with the result of the  Barrie Guild.   Here we are auditioning different solid green backgrounds to go with all the “farm” fabric.

There were lots of batiks and colours inspired by nature.

Some with plain backgrounds and some with dotted or marbled backgrounds. There was a little borrowing back and forth to find just the right centre piece.








For some odd reason, yet to be discovered there was a lot of purple stash up in Barrie. A lot of granddaughters are going to be receiving  bright and cheerful quilts.








Some of the quilt blocks received a print for the background fabric.

Look at this beautiful low volume block.  I received a picture of this as a finished quilt but cannot find it in my non-existent filing system, I need a computer savvy person at my beck and call!

A few weeks after the workshop I received an email with a picture of a quilt in progress. I love it when I get these, it makes me feel good to know my workshop went to good use instead of becoming a UFO.

I will prepare the next blog post with  more beautiful String Snowball blocks and send it out in the next few days.  I hope this helps you shop your stash for your next project.







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