String Snowball Workshop

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I have been doing a few trunk shows lately and there has been a very positive reaction to my “String Snowball” quilt. If you have been admiring this quilt, the Brampton Guild is hosting a workshop  on April 27, 2019 and there is room for a few more participants.

You have lots of time to get ready for it,  all you need to do is dig thru your stash and cut a pile of strips. The strips  can be anywhere from 1 1/4″ to 2″ wide, they do not even need to be cut straight.   I selected neutral fabrics for my quilt and divided my strips into light and dark.

My friend  Helgard made the quilt selecting  much brighter fabrics combined with a grey background fabric.  I personally feel that these bright fabrics would look great with a black and white text print for the background.






These first quilts were made by paper piecing and since that time I have developed acrylic templates which make the project very easy. I will be teaching both methods in the workshop.

Recently I finished custom quilting another String Snowball quilt made by Helgard. It was so large that I had to take the picture at an angle.

In the close-ups you can see that she was able to use some very old and ugly stash and still the overall effect is amazing!

I would love to see you  at the workshop proudly using  up some of your old stash.

If you are interested please contact Carol Leckie,  her email is The workshop will be held at the  Bramalea Alliance Church, 905 Central Park Dr, Bramalea (Central Park is just north of Queen off Bramalea Rd).

Hope to see you there!



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