Scrap Busting!

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I just finished quilting this beautiful stash busting quilt, which is a co-incidence since I also taught the class this past week at Fabric Spark. Catherine took my workshop a few years ago at the Pieceful Nights Quilters Guild. It is a very easy to learn technique using muslin as the foundation.  In addition to using up stash  participants are encouraged to experiment with many different ways to use the foundation herringbone block.

I noticed on one of the rectangular strips Catherine made one of the  design elements that we discuss in the workshop.   I call it a “gods eye”  and it is made just by placing some distinct fabrics at the meeting of the four corners.  I am not sure why it is not on every grouping of the herringbones, but I love the look of it.

In order to make this big enough for her bed Catherine added 6 borders to the outside of the quilt and a few different sashings  and borders around the herringbone blocks. I am really impressed that she managed to  keep the quilt reasonably square.

I am always thrilled to help bring your quilt to a finished product, but am especially proud if it is the result of a workshop that I teach.


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