Catching Up!

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I had great intentions of catching up on all my blogging at the beginning of the year. My plan was to start a new  habit of blogging as soon as a quilt was finished.   Then I went to Florida for a month and thought I would catch up from down there.  I sent one post and once  my friend arrived, my new favourite sport took over our  lives. We played pickleball every day for hours and loved every minute of it.  I had the time of my life and blogging barely crossed my mind.

I  have had so many great quilts  pass thru my studio it would be a shame not to share them with you.  I met Kellie a few years ago when she signed up for the Kathy Doughty workshop that was held at Quilts at the Creek.  I have quilted a few quilts for Kellie and I love her sense of adventure when it comes to colour.  We had a good chuckle  when she brought the first quilt she made.  The nine patches in it have been remade a few times, so the quilt has been years in the making.  Her daughter helped pick the background colour, which seems to unify everything.

Kellie wanted to try her hand at some “Big Stitch”  quilting with a  pearl cotton thread so we decided to do the bare minimum on my machine .  We used a 100% wool batting which will allow her needle to glide thru it like butter.  Wool also has a nice loft, is light as a feather and totally machine washable (although I would only do it by hand).

When Kellie picked up the nine patch quilt she brought me another beauty.  This is called Love Birds,  the pattern was designed by Kathy Doughty of Australia.

I just love this quilt especially the block in the bottom centre.  I imagine this is an old married couple and the wife is nattering at the husband.

Kellie changed the design in the centre of this block.

I stitched in the ditch everywhere and added a dense swirly background fill.

I love the quilts that come thru my studio and am thankful that I get to play a small part in finishing them.


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