Last chance! Tomorrow is the Draw!!

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I am linking to a  previous post    to let you know that  I am making the  draw  for 12 green Kona Cotton fat quarters late tomorrow afternoon. There is still time to write a quick little poem  to get your name in the draw for a chance to win. Check out what everyones else wrote in the comments section.  I was very impressed with the talent out there.   

Pick-up or mailing will be your responsibility.    Good Luck to all!


  1. There once was a gal from Toronto,
    Who was moving into a condo.
    She boxed up her stash
    Was completely awash,
    Cause she couldn’t quilt like she wanted to.

    Yes, we’re moving April 2 and my house looks like a storage locker. Between a musician and a quilter and our household goods, we probably have close to 200 boxes!!! Arggggg! Looking forward to setting up my new quilting space.


  2. There once was a quilter named Laurie
    Who said she would never be sorry
    For spending her time
    In her studio sublime
    Quilting for love, not glory!


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