Happy St. Patricks Day

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Do you love the colour green?  Here is a chance to win 12 fat quarters!

I wanted to share a bit of my luck with you.  I received this little package of fat quarters as a door prize from JN Harper Co. when they held their open house in Toronto last spring.  It was too late to share it then so I saved it to give as a prize this year on St Patty’s day.


If you want to go into the draw for this lovely “green” bundle .  Please send me a limerick  or  rhyme about quilting and your name will go into a draw.  Postage will be your responsibility.  Good luck to all!

I am gonna quilt , till I wilt!   Something as simple as  that will give you a chance to win!



  1. My favourite colour is green—
    About it I’m really quite keen!
    I am not Irish—don’t really care about ol’ Patrick;
    But I am Canadian, so I like a hat trick!
    But I’d really rather sew,
    As I’m sure all you quilters know.
    And maybe in my dreams
    I’ll make a quilt all of greens.


  2. Hey Mom…”please make me a quilt”, my daughter said —“ i want it big enough to cover my bed”.
    I changed the blade in my rotary cutter, So as I might cut through fabric – just like butter.
    The fabrics were GREEN – so many pieces! I ironed each one to get rid of the creases.
    Could I make a bright quilt top — (Bound before the Easter Bunny would HOP?)
    Oh! No cause for alarm. Sandy works “magic” with her designs and longarm!


  3. Green, green is the sheen on my patches of green.
    Sew it together,
    Bind it right and quilt it in a patty to keep you tight in the night. Goodnight.


  4. There once was a quilter named Sandy,
    With her long-arm, she is quite handy,
    She’ll stitch and she’ll sew
    Back and forth she will go,
    Then she’ll treat herself to a brandy.

    Irish brandy that is. Hahaha just kidding – don’t want to start any rumours here!


  5. There once was a gal from Toronto,
    Whose blog you’d want to get on to.
    Finished quilts galore,
    she stacks by her door
    quicker than you’d ever get ’round to.

    I sew, but not quick enough.
    So, to Sandy I bring my stuff.
    Pick a thread, pick a pattern,
    edge to edge or custom pattern

    Presto (it seems) and it’s done!
    Now sew the binding, stitch a sleeve,
    sew a label, that’s all it needs,
    and you’re ready to start your next creation!


  6. This beautiful bundle of green
    To quilt with it I would be keen
    If the contest I win
    A shamrock I’ll sew-in
    And St. Paddy will want it seen


  7. I love green,
    In every shade,
    I love it even,
    When it fades.

    It reminds me of forests,
    And leprechauns,
    St. Paddy’s Day,
    And dewy, spring lawns.

    Green’s a colour,
    That lasts,
    And is,
    Not trendy.

    No wonder,
    It makes,
    Other colours,
    Green with envy.

    Thanks! Gayle


  8. I just wanna quilt, I have no guilt.
    Hungry for dinner? Wait, you’ll be thinner!
    Laundry to do? Just wear your shoes.
    I have no guilt, I’m just gonna quilt!


  9. There once was a gal from Toronto,
    Who was moving into a condo.
    She boxed up her stash
    Was completely awash,
    Cause she couldn’t quilt like she wanted to.

    Yes, we’re moving April 2 and my house looks like a storage locker. Between a musician and a quilter and our household goods, we probably have close to 200 boxes!!! Arggggg! Looking forward to setting up my new quilting space.


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