New Years Resolutions!

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We make them and we break them!  What was yours?  Mine was to be more up to date with my blogging  ….. broken within a few weeks.  It seems that every year in March business picks up. I believe that I am seeing the benefits of your New Years Resolutions, whether it be a new project or a UFO.  This year Mitzi from my  “Cock-a Doodle” days jumped the gun and brought 5 quilts to my house in early January.  I have had very few “ONE BLOCK WONDER”  quilts come thru my studio, probably because they are a lot of work and require precise cutting and piecing.  Mitzi  used the pattern that requires eight triangles to make one block.


I love the way some of the blocks looked like snowflakes.

This next quilt is made of a large fabric print that many of you will recognize.


Here is a close-up of the border.  We used an allover edge to edge for both of these quilts as they were busy enough and my quilting would not add anything except the job of holding everything together.


Mitzi used her stash of black/white  prints to make this fun little X’s and O’s quilt.  I quilted it with a large ribbon meander  and a variegated thread.



This was my favourite of the group, a real scrap buster. It boggles my mind that a quilt can have so many fabrics and yet only a few that I own.


We quilted this with random wavy lines across the width of the quilt.


It is fun to catch up with old friends and share a bit of their happenings.  Thank you for trusting me to complete your treasures.


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