Quilts and Health.

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Last week Doris emailed me to let me know that a quilt project of hers that I worked on was published in a book called Quilts and Health. What an honour to have your quilt chosen for special recognition.  Please click on her name and visit her blog to get the full story.


It’s been a few years, but I remember working on this quilt because it was the first time I had done quilting to achieve this look on a large scale. It took a bit of figuring to work out the details.  I had the top smoothed on my design wall and had to devise a way to square it all up.  I remember hanging a weighted string down the centre to help line everything up (just like a carpenter).  I had to measure the outside and divide it evenly with little marks. I found the centre and aimed all my little marks towards the centre.  It has been a few years but I remember getting completely frustrated as my machine decided it would only sew one direction with the thread we choose. When I tried to sew the other way the thread would shred. Sad that I remember my frustrations  when the quilt is clearly beautiful.


We know that a quilting passion is good for your mental health. Congratulations Doris, you should be so proud of this beautiful quilt.


  1. Thank you Sandy. Your quilting compliments the design so well! Your help in figuring out the quilting design was invaluable.


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