Closing out 2017

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As I sit in sunny Florida playing a ton of pickle ball, my blog is getting further behind, I have a few more quilts from late last year to show.   I have written many times that quilters are the most generous people. I would guess that more than 80% of the quilts that come into my studio are gifts.  Deb made this quilt for a girlfriend. I believe it is from the 100 block quilt book by Tula Pink (but my memory  might be off).  What  an amazing gift to receive.



On the back Deb used some vintage fabrics and sheets.  I love backs like this, they are “2fors”…  2 quilts for the price of one, and they get rid of stash.


Greta made this next quilt for her cleaning lady, who in her words is her angel. This is a lifetime of fabric scraps all stitched to say Thanks for all you have done for  me. When Greta said the word angel, I immediately thought of a pantograph called “angel wings”, which is what we choose to use.


I have tried to take a page from my customers book and this past year I started to give away some of my quilts.  We are getting to the age where some of us are getting into health issues and struggling.  I decided to start giving quilts to the people that are special in my life before something happens to either of us. I gave this quilt to my long time tennis friend Dorothy. She always has an ear to lend as I bumble thru my live.  I gave her a heart bargello quilt …. as in LOVE… as in tennis.  I was pleased to hear at a dinner party that it covers her lap as she dozes off in front of the tube.


I gave this next quilt to my ex……  yes, my ex.  I always joke around about this quilt when I give a trunk show and say I wanted to make a manly quilt in case a man came into my life, and then I laugh and say I hope the man will be taller that the quilt.  I decided to give the quilt to Chris as my way of saying thanks for his efforts in making sure that our family still has Christmas together.    It is not always easy!







  1. Hi Sandy I’m in Florida too. Don’t suppose you are anywhere near Naples? This weather sure isn’t hard to take!! See you at YHQG in March? Margaret

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