Its all in the details.

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Jan brought me this beautiful quilt in December, my picture does not do it justice.  I love the colours in the big floral print.  Sometimes  when I walk  into my studio and look at the quilt on the frame something will catch my eye.   The thing that caught my eye was this one little square, and my first thought was to panic….Yikes,  had I been eating something near this quilt?


This is a close-up of  the surprise square.   I asked Jan about it and she said she always adds a little something different in her quilts.  I will keep my eyes open when she brings her next quilt.


I am a frugal person so I love it when I see backs that use up your fabric stash.  I was a little surprised to see this brown print on the back  mixed in with all the  modern fabric.  Surprised because I made a quilt for my mother  many years ago and I used the same fabric on the border of her quilt.  It turns out that this brown fabric has connections to  Jan’s mother.  I like little sentimental details like that, they make a  quilt extra special.


Susan made this quilt for a graduation gift for her son.  She used  fabrics that represent all his interests.  From music to pets, his  story is stitched into this quilt.  Sorry I forgot to take a close-up.

I  believe that quilting is a very practical form of art and I love helping your quilts on the way to being finished.

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