Scrappy Gal Quilt Co.

A belated Happy New Year.

I sincerely hope that all of you are bringing in the New Year healthy and happy!

It is hard to believe that I am starting the New Year with bloggers guilt.  I had the best intentions to blog over the Christmas holidays and took my iPad to Banff  and then couldn’t remember my password.  I got home and played way toooo much pickle ball and then caught a doozie of a cold.  Now I am well and working but have guilt over a  few quilts from last year  that I had planned on posting about.  So I will catch up with those first.

I have posted many times that quilters are very generous people,  sharing their skills and knowledge freely.  Many of my customers make and give their quilts away to family, friends and charity organizations.  I cannot think of another trade that is so willing to give away the fruits of their labour. Is it the need to feel that you are bringing comfort into someones life?

Colleen had me quilt at least 5 quilts that she brought to England as gifts for family friends.  She is a big fan of Northcott fabrics and had me use a extra heavy batting in these quilts.  I was so rushed that I only have pics of a few.

I really love the colours in this next one, sort of reminds me of sitting at the lodge in front of a roaring fire.

Sometimes  quilters  have to improvise  to get the quilt finished. As Colleen was pressing the back getting ready to drop it off at my place she found a defect (hole) in the fabric.  She pulled off a “make do”  slicing across the quilt back thru the hole and  inserting a leftover border strip.  She is not only generous but also clever.

If England is as cold as it has been here this past week the kids that received these beautiful gifts are toasty warm.