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I am sharing a  few more quilts that didn’t get blogged about when they were quilted earlier this summer and fall.  They hung proudly in the recent York Heritage Quilt Show.

Velta made this quilt to celebrate the wedding of children of dear friends.  She used the favourite colours of the bride and groom and interlocked them in a spine made of nine patches running the length of the quilt.  We did wavy line quilting and if you look at the close-ups we interspaced the couples initials with hearts.


Sheila was inspired by a nine patch exchange that I organized years ago.  She saved the idea and made a red nine patch quilt of her own.  Sheila’s use of so many reds was inspired by Mary Ellen Hopkins who said,  “You can never use too many reds” or something like that.


I had a lot of back and forth design discussions with Fran in the quilting of this quilt, what would we do without technology?  Half way thru I sent a picture and we decided that I would go back along the vine and add more leaves and flowers.  I was not generous enough the first time.  I also mis-understood what Fran wanted in the borders, it turned out to be cross-hatching,  My pic does not do the quilt justice, it was such a beautiful combination of soft marbled colours.


Here is a photo of it having in the show, I love it!


Linda made this beautiful quilt as a wedding gift for her son and his wife.  It hung proudly at Quilts at the Creek and the York Heritage Quilt Show.  I didn’t know there were so many shades of grey till I worked up close on this beauty.


Erica was involved in an exchange that produced hundreds of half square triangle blocks. She had a little difficulty keeping the large inset triangles square on her small cutting surface.  I am so happy that she persevered and managed to get a very modern looking quilt from old stash.


Click here to see more beautiful quilts in the show.  I am very pleased to have been a small part of helping these quilts be completed.


  1. Hi Sandy, looking for Hilgard Koch contact info as I have a lot of scraps for her. I sure Debra Anger knows her. any help in contact info for either of these ladies would be a great help. Marie Woodhouse. 905-853-5531


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