I was well represented!

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I missed the York Heritage Quilt Show  this past weekend, it’s the first show in 25 years of quilting that I have not been to.  I did get a look at the pictures Val posted on their site and my quilting  was well represented.  Here are a  few quilts that I didn’t  blog about earlier this fall; only because I am always behind in blogging and ran out of time.

France made this beautiful French braid quilt with some Asian prints.  We decided to stitch in the ditch on the braids and stitch piano keys in the border.


She also made this cute little elephant baby quilt for a niece.  We decided on an edge to edge swirl.


Gail from Quiltiste made this modern version of a log cabin quilt.  We decided to quilt it with wavy lines.  Check out the patterns that Gail designs and sells on her site and on Craftsy.


Ann, one of the community quilters that came to my house weeks ago had me quilt these next two pinwheel quilts.  Sorry that I do not have a full version of them, but you get the idea of how bright and colourful thy are. Both of these were quilted with large swirls in the centre and swirly lines in the border avoiding all those cute little prairie points.



Sheila made this quilt from a lot of old stash  –  I recognized many of the light greens in this quilt, a few of them are still in my stash. In the closeups you can see some of  the oldies. I am so happy to see it in the show.  The weight of the quilt due to its size made little puncture wounds in the fabric as I advanced the quilt for the next row. I have since changed the way I advance quilts to prevent this sort of thing from happening.



Donnaleen, a fellow member of a group I stitch with finished  this great hexie quilt. We tried to have it hang in Quilts at the Creek but we ran into time restraints. Originally Donnaleen wanted what I call “cheap and cheerful” as she didn’t know the final destination of the quilt, I felt a lot of stress picking out the thread and quilting design on my own.  The fabrics have such high contrast,  no matter what colour I choose it had contrast with another fabric.  I could come up with lots of custom quilting but that is not  cost effective.  Everything  turned out fine in the end  and now I am not sure why I felt so stressed.  I just feel better when  it is a mutual decision.



I will have more in the next post but I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the quilts I have had a small hand in finishing.  This is a link to the York Heritage Quilt Show  if you want to take a peek.

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