June’s Quilts

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I met June early this year or maybe it was late last year and I have been saving pics of her quilts to share with you in one post. Recently retired, June is a bundle of energy with a wealth of information. I always feel uplifted after a visit from her.  June’s quilts are unique and we could all learn a lesson from her.  She buys her fabrics with a love of colour and print and she puts it all together with wild abandon. There are no quilt police in Junes life, she just has fun making blocks and works in a medallion style.   Sometimes I think  “June’s Bend”  when I quilt her quilts. She lives in a small apt. so there is no room for stash, the fabric leftover from one quilt goes into the next quilt until it is gone.




Yes, just for extra fun she added a silk tie with Bugs Bunny in the medalion.  I told you she loves to have fun and gets a kick out of details like this.


Instead of birthday cards for a couple of neices, June made them birthday cake quilts, with hearts and ballons in the surrounding blocks.



And what would a cake be without candles? After I finished quilting June brought the flames made out of fun fur.  We giggled like school girls when we attached them.


You can definately  see her love of color with the fabric combinations in this quilt.


The lesson to be learned, life is short — we should all sew with some wild abandon. When June books and appointment I know it is going to be interesting!


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