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A few weeks ago I was thinking I should give away some prizes to celebrate blogging for 2 years.   The very next day I was picking up some batting and I was given a full bolt of Hobbs poly down to pass along to community quilting groups.  Amazing isn’t it!!  Almost karma!!  While it is not prizes, (I am still thinking about that), it is the next best thing!

Since starting this post I have shared the batt with 2 guilds. I kept a little bit back so if you have a quilt that you are donating to a worthy cause, I am happy to give you the batting for it, just send me a note.

Over the last few weeks I hosted community quilters from the Etobicoke Guild and York Heritage Quilt Guild.  Both days were very productive, between both guilds we completed 9 quilts, amazing as many of these ladies were long-arming for the first time. These quilts will be given to a worth cause in the near future.

Many hands make light work, in this next picture I am quilting slowly while Carmen is almost sacrificing her fingers to keep a flange from twisting back on itself.

I had a lot of fun meeting and getting to know everyone.

If you are donating a quilt to a charity  and need a batt please contact me.

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