Waste not, want not!

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Gillian is one prolific quilter! She is one of my  “waste not want not”  ladies, a true scrap quilter; her scraps and everyone else scraps.  All of these quilts were found hanging at Quilts at the Creek this past summer.


Gillian has made a few shirt quilts in the past and now when she arrives with one, I ask “dead mans shirts”?  I know,  sick humour.  We decided to quilt large freehand swirls on this quilt.  Check out the piecing,  a lot of matching stripes!  The last bit of the shirt scraps were used on the back,  I love that detail.



This quilt is the result of a Kathy Doughty workshop held last year at Quilts at the Creek. Gillian wasn’t crazy about the end result, but I think it is just wonderful in all its scrappiness.  Quilted with large free hand swirls, it is sure to become a well loved quilt when its finds a home.

Gillian is not afraid to dive right in and try new things, with or without instructions. This is her little improv quilt.  We sweat about the craziest things, for this quilt we had a discussion about the border, Gillian thought she might paint the little blue dots in the border.  It was hanging at the creek  this summer with all blue dots intact.


Gillian came with two large star quilts, the first is off to England with an edge to edge pantograph, but I thought her beautiful quilt deserved more. This required the use of my doodle app.


I tried to add a little modern touch to all the feathers and swirls.



I hope to see some of these quilts hanging in her guild show soon.

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