How did I spend the last long weekend?

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It is not a secret: I am INCOMPETENT on the computer, not as bad as a few years ago, but nevertheless I am almost happy to find someone worse off than me.    I can barely remember from blog post to blog post, what steps I need to take to get the entire post edited and published.  It is only thru the help of friends that I have a blog.   Back to the long weekend, I spent the entire August long weekend revamping a pattern, so that it is now totally done on the computer.  My previous version was hand drawn,  with cut and paste using real glue. The pattern is Grandma’s Stars!  My long-term plan is to have all my patterns so that they can be downloaded.  Lofty ambitions for my computer skills!  I have run back and forth so often to get help from the people at the APPLE store  that I believe some of them could now make a quilt.

I recently taught this workshop at the Kempenfelt Quilt Guild. These ladies were fantastic to teach and they gave me some helpful hints on providing an even better workshop. We  devised a few  hints to include in the pattern to make the placement of fabric easier.  I have taken it all to heart and went to work.  All that is left is a better picture, as soon as I find a location for some artsy display.

Experienced quilters like myself want to dip into their overgrown stash.  I am from the school of thought,  “You bought it, at least try to use it”.  The participants in this workshop brought all kinds of fabric for their stars.  Here we are in a bright and spacious church hall ready to work.

There was lots of quiet cutting and the beginning of stitching, everyone was diving in! I learned that participants wanted to do more cutting at home in order to do more sewing during the workshop. This will be addressed at the next workshop.  The first blocks came thru in no time.

By late afternoon some lovely block combinations were taking shape, is that Christmas fabric I see?  After a few blocks some participants found they wanted to go more scrappy or to be more selective in their fabric choices and placement.

We all stood back and admired the blocks.


I love this block, making your quilt modern by adding a grey background to your stash!


I had a great time teaching this workshop, and loved that I came away with some constructive input. I will be teaching this in Oct. for the Rouge Valley Quilt Guild, check my calendar.


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