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The only way I can even think of getting up to date is to have a few quick quilt shows.  Linda surrounded this beautiful butterfly print with a coordinating  checkerboard border.  We chose an edge to edge pantograph that resembles butterflies but is actually called “Angel Wings”


I hang many of the quilts on  My Contraption .  The impact of seeing your quilt in all its glory  as soon as you come for a pickup is fun for both of us.  We used a copper metallic thread on this quilt which shows up beautifully on the back. My artwork is hiding behind the quilt on some  little shelves.



Irene  has been busy for the last year with this online sampler quilt, lots of hand embroidery details thru out.   We decided against custom quilting, and used an open meander with a thin thread, not overpowering Irene’s handiwork and keeping costs down.


Check out  the blocks, some  are really cute,  lots of sewing related blocks.


Wendy built an entire quilt around this paper pieced dolphin block. If I remember correctly some of the fabric was from a guild challenge called “Out of the Blue”  We quilted it with an edge to edge pantograph called Aloha. What a great quilt for dipping into an aqua stash.


IMG_0677 2

Thank you for checking out  a few of the quilts that come into my studio.


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