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I have been doing a lot of thinking about blogging, but it is summer and life is busy, so all my blogging efforts stopped at the thinking stage.  June has caught up with her Sue Spargo projects with this “Cuppa Quilt”  This time I got lots of close-ups of the detail involved with stitching one of these wool appliqué projects. Working right on top of the quilt, I can tell you that June’s stitching is perfect, judge for yourself!


I didn’t seem to get a picture of the entire quilt  but you can get the idea.  We decided to stitch the background with different sizes of pebbles, some with a curl in them.  A half hour into intense pebbling, I can be found with tears in my eyes.


Every detail was outlined in the ditch, sometimes I  do this ditching between the embroidery and the wool.  I often had to hold the foot between my fingers to guide my stitching into the proper place.


I should have taken a picture of the thread cones, so many colours to make it perfect.


I love seeing these quilts change under my hopping foot by the adding of texture.  I appreciate being asked to add my share when I can see the incredible  investment of time that June has put into this work of art.


  1. You both did a fantastic job! Very detailed! I’m sure you did have tears in your eyes with all the detail in this beautiful quilt!


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