Granny Square Quilt

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This is a quilted version of that crotchet aftgan that many of us had hanging over a chair in our living room when we were younger.    I used to crotchet granny square vests in the early 70’s for all my classmates.    Anne brought me this quilt; a gift for her sister, it was very clear that she spent a lot of time choosing the fabrics for each  square.

We discussed the quilting which I drew on the  “My Doodle” app for reference.  This is where I tell you how great technology is.  I started to quilt and didn’t like  how the stitching made the block pouf up.  I immediately sent Anne some pics  via my  iPad to say I was going to rethink our ideas.  I feel the  crosshatching made the block look even more like a “granny square”.


Here is the quilt hanging on my contraption.  I think I would love to make one for myself,  it’s just that the smallest squares are a 1/2 inch, and that in itself is enough to make me  give my head a shake.

IMG_0596 2

I used a very thin dark grey  thread Invisifil  by Wonderfil Threads on the blocks and   did some freehand feathers in the inset triangles with So Fine by Superior Threads.

I really enjoy being part of the finishing process of your quilted projects and  I am sure Anne’s sister will love this quilt.



  1. I am also interested in finding the pattern. This version of the granny square quilt looks more like a crocheted granny square than the usual pattern which is basically squares to make a block which is then set on point.


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