Quilts at the Creek

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Are you ready to put a quilt in the show?  Last year everyone that participated by hanging a quilt at Quilts at the Creek  received one fat quarter for each quilt entered. This red/white FQ supplied by Northcott Fabrics  was to encourage quilts celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.  If you come to this amazing outdoor show you will see a lot of red and white quilts.


Every year Helgard makes a spectacular log cabin quilt to hang in the show.   You will find some of the Northcott FQ’s in this beautiful quilt.  It is pieced on a muslin foundation that Helgard stamps with a tiny  rubber stamp, each log is only 3/8″ wide.  She does not put any batting in the quilt and yet the  quilt weighs a lot for its size.  If you think about it, there is  more fabric in the seam allowance  than the actual the logs.


You could call her crazy, but it keeps her busy doing what she loves…. SEWING.


  1. Hoping to go to Quilts at the Creek. Just wanted to say how much our guild enjoyed your presentation last Thursday. Really enjoyable!


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