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I have finally built something that I have been thinking about for a long time.  I have wanted to have my customers quilts in full view when they arrive for pick-up.  I needed a spot  to take  better pictures of finished quilts for my blog  and for my own patterns  without having to move half of my workroom in order to get it. I hope all those trips to Lowes and Home Depot pay off and I get the results I am hoping for.


Pam was the first to enjoy the benefit of my contraption.  It is just a dowel on pulleys and when not in use I can hide it up behind the valance.  Pam’s quilt is the result of the curvy workshop given by Berene of Happy Sew Lucky.   I love those straight lines, I just wish my machine would sew as beautifully right to left as the other way.  To get the best results quilting straight lines I have to sew in one direction only.

This flying geese quilt was also the result of a workshop by Berene. Pam and I decided to quilt it with a simple edge to edge meander and just let the colour speak for itself.  I love seeing the different quilts coming  from Berene’s classes.   Lots of fun!


  1. Perfect! How thoughtful of you to place our quilts in full view for pickup. I like the colour co-ordination of the pegs with the quilt.


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