Is this a Thread Tale? or a Thread Tail?

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It has been more than a month since I  taught my Stashbuster workshop for the Brampton guild.   It’s been so long I cannot remember which names go with which pictures, but I do remember all the talking and laughing and the solving of all the world’s problems.   Remembering names is a big fault of mine, I apologize in advance.  It was a small group allowing  everyone room to spread out and when you have as much stash as some of us we need space!


Some of the ladies came very organized!


In no time at all the results of all that stitching were appearing for photos.  Lots of purple and blue stash will become a  scrappy bar quilt.


All that prep work paid off in keeping organized with this lovely selection of batiks.


A jelly roll worked for the ultimate in colour coordinating. Won’t this look great with a navy sash.



We played around with a little fuchsia flange to really liven things up!


Lots of solid fabrics, will we do a  straight set with the bars or make  interlocking strips with the bars.  I highly recommend a different fill in each color.

Bars of many  different colours!  Should we add a bold  sash and use a large block setting? The possibilities are endless.

The day was a lot of fun and went by in no time at all.  Ladies, I hope to see the results in finished quilts at your upcoming quilt show.

As we were packing our cars to  leave, it was pointed out that I have a  “Thread Tail”



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