Modern quilts!

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Once again I am getting behind in my blogging.  I will have to invent a new strategy to keep up to date. It seems hopeless when I have to go back into my own blog to refresh my  memory.   Kathy D came with a few modern quilts that are going to be gifted.  Grey and yellow seem to be a very popular colour combination lately.  I love the chain of gold  pinwheel blocks running diagonally thru this quilt.


For a little extra fun Kathy threw in an occasional  blue pin wheel.  Add a cozy plaid    flannel back  and a large swirl  quilting pattern and you are good to go.


The “I Doodle” app came to the recue for some quilting design consultation on this next quilt.  I like to draw it out when I see potential flaws in our origninal plan.

I really enjoy doing “U” turns because you can get up close to the edges and sometimes it eliminates the need for stitch in the ditch.  I tried to eliminte the need to Stitch in the Ditch on this quilt because there are a lot of lines that would need it.


I love Kathy’s quilt back…  I call these a two for one.


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