Gypsy Kisses

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Slowly the results of the workshops held last year at Quilts at the Creek with Kathy Doughty are tricking into my studio.  My maj friend Kathy  registered for a few of the workshops and has been working away on her quilts for the last 9 months.  My challenge will be to come up with different ideas to  quilt them.   Kathy’s quilt is stunning, with its clear colours.  Her fabric combinations, while not as daring or wild as some in the class are in my humble opinion a true representation of her.  Kathy bravely led a group of fellow quilters and changed up the way the quilt was constructed so that it could be completely machine pieced.  Well Done!

This is where my iPad and my “You Doodle” app came in handy.  Sometimes I come up with other/better quilting ideas after my customer leaves the studio, this app allows me to quickly draw something on top of a photo and send it for approval.   Different border ideas.

Last minute thoughts, should I do this or …..  I welcome the input of the quilt maker.


We decided on a Bethanne Nemmish  feather connecting all three borders.



I love working on the same quilts designs when they have been made in  different fabrics.   Thank you Kathy for trusting me with your precious work.

If you are interested in taking a workshop with Kathy Doughty, she will be at Quilting by the Lake   this July and she would love for you join her.

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