The quilts are flying in!

It seems at the beginning of every year  quilters pledge to buckle down start new projects or  get things finished , and they persevere.   By late March I get a bump in business,  this year has seen a huge bump  in my otherwise steady work schedule.  I am going to try to catch up with my blogging and post some quick pantograph quilts.  Rochelle appeared with a couple “Canadiana” quilts.  This one showcased a little of her batik stash.


We choose an allover maple leaf pantograph and stitched it out with a copper metallic thread. My pic does not do it justice but the copper looked amazing in the black background.  This large lap size quilt will be sure to make someone very happy in our 150th anniversary year.

I have been seeing a number of grey/yellow quilts over the last few years but this is the first grey/yellow batik that I have quilted.  Karen choose a very simple pantograph and a neutral thread colour to complete this beauty.  My picture does not do it justice,  it was a very sophisticated colour combination.


Gillian has had a very busy fall and winter and recently  appeared at my studio with a trunkload of quilts.   I rushed the first few out the door without taking a picture, but this little cutie needs to be mentioned.  I love sock monkeys, they make me smile, when I see one, i want to make my own. I just found out I will have to be planning a few baby things in the near future for my family.


We quilted it with a larger meander and a very thin tan thread.  Maybe I will look for some monkey fabric for me to play with.


Love seeing your quilts becoming  a finished product.  Now back to whittling  down the # of quilts in my closet.


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