It’s about Time!

Yes,  it is about time I followed the example of my many customers and started to give some quilts away.  As I am preparing for  trunk shows I often think about what am I going to do with so many quilts, What if something happens to me!   “Heaven Forbid” What will happen to my quilts?    How  will the ladies that are special to me and have affected my live in many  positive ways know  how much I appreciate their friendship and support over many years.

This quilt recently went to my friend Ellie,  Ellie and I meet over dinner and art classes.  I have known Ellie since my youngest and her oldest met in kindergarten classes 20 years ago.


This next quilt recently went to my friend Brenda.  Brenda  is my  tennis saviour!  I say that because when I moved out to Etobicoke 6 years ago, Brenda took me under her wing and invited me to play —  often —  set me up with other great tennis players.  We still take strategy lessons together.


Life is great with  friends like these!


3 responses to “It’s about Time!

  1. You are so sweet and talented Sandy xoxo know that you have also given me your wonderful friendship and lots of giggles and advise over the years and many many more to come xoxo


  2. I have been thinking the same about what to do with all my quilts. I would rather give them now to people who have made my life richer and see them loved and used rather than hoard them until after I’m gone knowing they will be sold or given away to strangers who won’t appreciate them.


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