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I am slowly getting the results of the Kathy Doughty workshops that were held last summer at Quilts at the Creek.  Michelle brought  two beautiful quilts for me to outline the appliqué and  do a little more longarm quilting.  The plan is for her to do some big stitch quilting with a pearl cotton in the background.  That seems to be one of the latest trends, especially if you follow Kathy’s blog.  Isn’t this just a breath of fresh air?


I did some stitch in the ditch in the fan blades and some continuous curve in the tiny hexagons.  Just enough quilting to hold everything together allowing Michelle to follow up with some  decorative stitching.


I really love the wonky birds made with Kaffe fabrics, but I especially enjoyed the text prints used as background fabrics.



To me  it looks like the bird are nattering at each other, or maybe I am spending too much time working and my imagination is running away with itself.   Michelle made perfect choices of fabric  for the flowers.


This next quilt is a block of the month that Michelle received from Kathy’s shop in Australia.  Michelle swapped out the background from the original design and used a dark grey. I did a lot of outlining and stitching in the ditch so Michelle  can do some primitive stitching with pearl cotton.


I love how rich the prints look next to the background.




These quilts make me want to throw out my stash and live it up.  Great job Michelle, I can’t wait to see what you do with the big stitch quilting.

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