More of Sue

June must be thrilled to be getting so many of her  Sue Spargo  block of the month patterns finished.  The entire background of this quilt is pebbled with a variety of sizes and the occasional larger pebble has a little swirl in it. The pebbling adds a beautiful texture to the wool.  We chose a thread that was too perfect a match, I had  difficulty seeing what I was doing and my backtracking was a little off.


I did promise to take more pics of the June’s amazing needle skills. I hope the pics do justice to how perfect her stitches are made. The dots on the elephant are all stitched, what patience.


Check out the trail that meanders thru the entire quilt, that alone must have taken hundreds of hours.


The three circles on top of the tree are an intricate woven stitch and the inner part of it is free, the tension I can only imagine had to be perfect.


The beak on the bird below is another very intricate woven stitch.  Look at the tail thes long curly french knots can be found thru out the entire quilt. Can you imagine making these stitches from written instructions? or for that matter writing the instructions.


Cute little flowers stiched around the animals and lots of french knots and buttonhole type stitching. AMAZING!!



I feel honoured to be trusted with the quilting of these quilts, knowing how much time and effort went into making them.


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