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If you take a free motion quilting class you will be instructed to practice the design that you want to make by doodling it over and over.  This will imprint the pattern in your brain.  This post is about something a little different. If you want to see what different quilting designs will look like on your quilt you can audition designs on clear vinyl with a non-permanent marker like the pic below.


I follow a few different long arm blogs and read about an app called “You Doodle”.  Finally I bit the bullet last fall and bought an iPad just for this purpose. I resisted for so long because I am not tech savvy or brave.  This App enables me to consult back and forth with my customers via email, or change my mind and see different design ideas before I stitch.  I have used it many times since purchase


A few weeks ago, Judy from my stitching group was having a mental quilting block and called me for a few ideas. I admit that  first I had to re-learn to do a  screen shot (thanks Val) to save the pics Judy sent to me and then it was off to the races, messaging back and forth. The ideas were flowing and her mental block was unlocked.  These are just a few of the ideas that I doodled for her.

These pictures are an EQ image of her quilt,  you will be able to  see her quilt at the York Heritage Quilt Guild UFO challenge this coming May.  Good-luck Judy, it was a lot of fun to help you and a challenge for me to come up with ideas for  domestic machine quilting.

If you have an iPad I highly recommend this app, even though I haven’t mastered many of the features it is easy and serves my needs well.


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