Another close call!

Juanita, a new to me quilter is definitely not a new quilter as you will see by her quilt.  Sometimes I want to throw out my old fabric and completely go thru the “Fabric change of Life” when a quilt appears in my studio that makes me want to hold on to my old stuff a little longer.  This picture does not do the quilt justice, even I was getting romantic notions in my head.


Juanita  almost depleted her floral stash making this beautiful quilt as a wedding gift for her niece.  Look at the oldies, I am sure I’ve used a few of those myself. We completed it with an edge to edge floral pantograph.  Another close call, look at the tiny bit of thread left on the cone.  There is nothing worse than having to take a quilt off the frame because you run out of thread.  Anita  from Cotton Mill Threadworks  has come to my rescue more than once and rushed a cone via Canada Post.

It was great to meet Juanita who came to me via Judy at Sew Sisters in Toronto.  I directed her to a couple local quilt guilds as she is looking for a sewing group to get involved with, I hope you  cross paths with her soon.



3 responses to “Another close call!

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love the pattern, and of course the fabrics. I’m sure Juanita’s niece will love it. What a beautiful gift.


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